Hi, my name is KarmSavi M.S. Gill (Mandeep Singh) and I'm the author of Mother - A Single Parent. Welcome to my new website. I do hope you'll make yourselves at home here. At the moment I'm writing Suicide Note from Julia's point of view and I hope to have that published sometime in 2017. I am also writing a screenplay on Mother - A Single Parent and hoping to make a movie in following years.That’s all the news I have for now; please enjoy the site.
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KarmSavi MS Gill

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Mother - A Single Parent

Wilda, a single parent, lived in a small town with her son. She saw her husband’s dreams as her targets. She went beyond the chains to fulfill those dreams. Alex was four years old when she lost her husband in an accident. She always felt thankful to him regarding his ‘life insurance’ from which she got some money. Alex was only motivation she was left with; she called him soil of her eyes. It was enough for her to discover a small world to live in.

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A Boon to Research

Nature gives birth to both Stone and Paras stone, then why don’t you ever try to search for latter one. From past few decades, scientists are working on MMCs to overcome the problem of non availability of the desired properties of materials irrespective of cost. These innovative materials open up unlimited possibilities for modern material science and development, along-with low cost, light weight, easy manufacturing, high strength and many more. It is not easy to explain nurture of nature to the Paras stone, but this book provides a crystal-clear path for the same and makes available a new metric of success to Metal Matrix Composites. Neophytes of this area can easily grab research ideas, on-going invention hints, and literature given in it will impel the mind of an individual to get the knowledge of past inventions and research work.

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